ABOUT Becoming the Crown Jewel Ministry


Salvation deals with the young lady’s true identity in Christ. Modern society is clamoring for young ladies to “build self-esteem” in ways that Christ never intended. This topic focuses on and defines who we are in Christ as proclaimed in His unchangeable Word. Participants are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ instead of pursing worldly and ineffective “esteem” builders.


Purity encourages young ladies to live a life of purity, addressing issues of Godly appearance and actions that will help them refrain from being stumbling blocks for young men in our society. Purity is more than sexual abstinence until marriage, it is a lifestyle, and we offer Biblical reasons as to why living this lifestyle of purity is so important.


Devotion closes the conference with practical applications for abiding in Christ and putting principles learned during the weekend into action. The girls learn how to re-order the priorities in their lives and put God first, as they learn how God’s Word tells us to die to self daily, pick up our cross and follow our King.
Our Mission
Becoming the Crown Jewel Ministry exists as a Christian inter-denominational organization to disciple middle and high school girls to forsake the world’s standards and find their true identity in Christ as they seek to live as royal, pure, and loyal women of God.

Our Vision

Becoming the Crown Jewel Ministry  seeks to cultivate a community of girls and women who:

  • Define their beauty and value through their understanding of their royalty in Christ, as set apart daughters of the King
  • Live lives that exhibit purity in their thoughts, actions, speech, relationships, and dress
  • Live as loyal daughters of the King as they exhibit character traits consistent with Biblical principles (Proverbs 31 woman)

Our Values

Becoming the Crown Jewel Ministry believes:

  • Salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone
  • God is sovereign and will give provision and guidance as we seek His perfect will
  • The Bible is God’s inspired word without error and is sufficient for providing direction for all areas of life
  • God is deserving of all glory and honor